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20P Roulette Review


20P Roulette is a roulette game brought to table game fans by the software developer Inspired Gaming. This game has 37 possible outcomes for each spin and players can place different types of bets. It offers an impressive payout rate of 97.29%. Visually, the game has simple graphics and the common roulette layout. It’s based on standard European Roulette rules.

How to Play

To play 20P Roulette, you are required to place at least £1 in chips before you press the BET button. Bets are set by placing chips on the table. You need to select the position where you want to place your bet. Chips are worth £0.20 and are placed on the table until the total value reaches £1.

From here, the chip value will increase by £1 until the bet amount is £15. Then, the chip value will increase by £5 until the bet amount reaches £50. The chip value will then increase by £10 until £200. From here, chip value will increase by £50 until £1,000. For more bets, chip value will increase to £100.

You can place a split bet by selecting the position between 2 numbers. Game options include Bet, Repeat Bet, Clear Last Bet, Clear All Bets, and Neighbour Bets.


  • Neighbor Betting – You can use Neighbour Bets to place a single bet on the chosen number and 4 adjacent numbers.
  • Turbo Mode – During a game, you can hit the Turbo Spin button to skip the wheel spin.
  • Bet Recovery – Because of the nature of communications medium, you may experience delays, interruptions or termination. In case you experience any of these problems, the game will restore the last known state.


In sum, Inspired Gaming’s 20P Roulette is a good option if you are looking for a simple and entertaining roulette game. It’s a great game for every roulette fan.

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