Alaskan Fishing

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Alaskan Fishing

Anglers and rodmen, there be whoppers in them cold-cruel waters!

Toss your next bet north into the cold reeling waters of the last frontier, chock full of schools of the biggest and feistiest slot fish in the virtual world! Bait, cast, and feel them fishies tuggin’ on the line, and then pull ‘em in to win top prizes in Microgaming’s Alaskan Fishing game.

Do you have the skill to land the big ones, or will “the big one” wriggle off your hook?

Game Features

Great visuals and a great wilderness sound track will put you on the boat, or the shore, with a sharp hook to sink deep in to turgid waters. You are now challenging wild ocean game; trophy fish and natural predators, in a duel to the death. Take the tools of the fishing trade, your rod and reel, and bate your hook, and get ready to enjoy this wild and challenging gaming experience.

Game Play

With 243 ways to win the base game, this challenge is perfect for both the novice and seasoned virtual fisherman; with notions of landing the most awesome savage water beasts. Related symbols run across the grid, intensified by stacked wild cards on every reel, upping the pay-out potential of every spin. Aye, and there may be whopping good rewards on the end of your line, mates!

There be bonus games too! Start with fly fishing, cast out to your favourite spot, by the shore or in the middle of the river. If you land the heftiest salmon you could walk away with 22,500 coins! Snag a real sea monster, and who knows what your reward will be!

Free spins may bring in monsters as well. Alaskan Fishing’s tackle box scatter feature pays off with 15 free spins on a second set of reels; doubling the duration of the bonus, and offering a 10,000 coin top prize.

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