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Evolution Gaming American Roulette Live


Evolution Gaming is proud to present a world-class American Roulette live game that pays tribute to some of the famous casino games of Vegas and the world. If you are a fan of American roulette, this is the way that you can play the game live with a real dealer and with all the bright lights and action that you would get out of a typical roulette game.


The live version of roulette that’s available from evolution gaming is an extremely immersive experience. You can enjoy a wide range of roulette styles including American roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette and more.

In the American Roulette series, you can have a number of different rotating dealers and again that’s rich with features including chat, your game history, statistics and the current hot and cold numbers.


With a menu system that also includes up to 15 saved bets and a favorites menu that you can use for laying quick bets in the system, you can make sure that playing on nearly any platform can be done quite easily.

The application itself has some proven KPI’s and it almost feels as though you’re playing a land-based casino with the highly immersive roulette properties. If you are interested in a premium quality game that will really draw you into the action for a complex live roulette experience, you are going to absolutely love this roulette experience.

With top quality graphics and a style of game that can be played on any mobile device, you can make sure that you can enjoy the very best in roulette play here.


If you want to try out a natural evolution of roulette style gameplay in the world of American Roulette, you should consider the Evolution Gaming American Roulette Live series today. This game is available now and a joy to play!

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