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Arcader has gone mobile, now you can play it on all mobile phones, smartphones and tablet devices!


Do you remember that bit in the movie Pixels, with Adam Sandler, where they sent games to aliens in a spaceship? Well Donkey-Kong and Pac-Man weren’t the only games they sent, Arcader video slot was sent too! Luckily the aliens didn’t take the game as a threat and here after 20 years they sent it back to us! With their improved technology and our love for nostalgia, Arcader brings us a perfect video slot game.

Why did the aliens send us this improved video slot back? Because they want you to crack its codes! Every time you spin, a new code of 15 symbols comes out and while they do look like symbols from your ordinary arcade machines, don’t be fooled. The right combination of these symbols will send a message to the alien ship above and the aliens will reward you – big time!

Game Play

The codes may be hard to break, but here are some clues for you:

  • The blue W symbol stands for ‘wild’ symbol; which will act as a substitute for many other symbols.
  • The symbol with 2 triangles that looks like an elevator button; if you find one of these it will expand across the whole reel.
  • The last symbol is the B symbol, which stands for bonus. If you land on 3, or more of these in 1 spin will lead to free spins! It may feel like your regular arcade when you have to pay for every spin, but the free spins sure feels like a cheat code!
  • Some symbols look like fruit symbols from the game Pac-man. The number seven and a couple others that are difficult to decode.

We need you to crack the alien codes by playing Arcader video slot and spinning as much as you did back in the day at the arcades! This time you need your own money and not your mum’s coin stash, but don’t let that discourage you. With a little luck and the talents you learned from gaming in an arcade, it should be easy for you to grab some alien currency from those green-eyed monsters!

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