Archangels: Salvation™ Slot

Kingsman Casino

Archangels Salvation slot is an epic game of monumental proportions.

From the start of opening the slot, you are unsure whether to leave the sound up, for fear of scaring young children in public places, or even yourself. It is a soundtrack of beating drums and dark instrumentals.

The Angel hovers on your right and the Demon on your left, (is it male, or female, you decide) and the background is heaven and hell.

Archangels: Salvation™ Slot Gameplay

The 6 paylines run from heaven to hell with blue electricity and fire trailing in the symbols. Depending how the symbols land, will depend on who you see – the angel or the devil. Place the Autoplay on and you can relax and take it all in.

Both of the characters appear on the reels, either in full, or partially and can finish off a winning combo. When winning combos appear, the Angel and Demon, at times, take shots at each other.

In a reel, symbols appear also partially, or fully stacked, apart from the scatter symbol, which happens to be an S. The wild symbols are a little different and one configuration only lands in a predefined area.

Archangels Salvation Slot Heaven & Hell Bonus Features, Free Spins & HotSpots

Heaven Bonus Feature – Starts in the Heaven HotSpot area, as you might imagine! Top 2 rows.

When a specific Wild lands in the Heaven, area this will set off the Heaven Bonus Feature. This means that symbols will be replaced by stacked wilds in random reels. This Heaven bonus feature may retrigger and it is a legendary win that can result.Hell Bonus Feature – starts in Hell, as the name might suggest – no surprises there! In the Bottom 2 rows.

When the wild lands in the Hell Hotspot area this will see, 16 more wilds added to the reels.

It is possible to trigger both features at once and in this case the Hell bonus feature will play first and your win totalled, then the Heaven bonus feature will play out.

Archangels Salvation Slot Free Spins

Land 3 to 5 scatter symbols and receive between 10 – 25 free spins. There are 2 reels in 2 rows, which are marked. If you are lucky enough to hit the Free Spins, then this increases to 3 rows.

When this game hits a win, you really know it! Available to play on mobile, desktop and tablets.

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