Avalon II – Quest for The Grail

Kingsman Casino

The Holy Grail awaits you, noble Knight of the Round Table, somewhere in the bowels of Avalon II, the most elegant and indulgent of casino gaming adventures.

Brave warriors, your quest is to take on the might of Avalon II’s base game and use the 243 ways to win bonuses, and extra spins, to win as much as 2.4 million coins for the realm. You will be helped by Merlin, who could appear at any time to conjure up random cash prizes, or to be a magic multiplier to enhance your bankroll. The beautiful but elusive Lady of the Lake may also use her powers to expand a Wild to fill all three reels, increasing your number of pays.

Avalon II’s unique system of pay-table achievements will work for you by turning entries on the pay-table to gold and increasing the pay-out power of designated symbols. So, the more time you spend searching for the Grail, the more reward the reels return to you, and previous sessions may also be restored!

Travel through the old lands of Britannia, collect the necessary elements for your quest, and then find that Grail! Misty Vale may give you free spins, and your shield, sword and helmet by way of three different pick a win features. Climb Forest Falls in Avalon II and traverse Morgan’s Keep for more free spins, then beware the Hall of Shadows, where you may have to confront the Black Night. In the Keep every successful sword block, strike, and parry, earns a pay-out.

One of the richest non-progressive pay-outs in any game may await you in Avalon II, if you are brave enough to fight to the finish. Just line up three golden wheels of fortune, unveil three multipliers, to win as much as 2.4 millions coins!

Noble Knight, do you have the courage to challenge Avalon II for the Grail, and the maximum number of coins?

Then, huzzah! And be off with you, brave one, your treasure awaits!

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