Aztec Secrets Slot

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Aztec Secrets a PC & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Aztec Secrets is a slot & mobile slot game that gives you a glimpse into another world. Based on the actions of a nomadic tribe, the slot game revolves around Aztec temples. The slot has a Mexican feel to it, as the theme is reflected in the background, music and symbols used in Aztec Secrets slot game.


The reels are surrounded by Aztec architecture and behind the reels you will see tropical trees and temples. While the reels are spinning you will hear fast paced xylophone music. On the reels you will find symbols such as, a female Aztec; an Aztec mask; various animals, such as a two-headed snake; an octopus and warriors. The Aztec mask is the symbol in Aztec Secrets that pays out the most. Aztec Secrets has a golden coin featuring several masks and face formed into a grimace, as its wild symbol and has two scatter symbols; the standard scatter and the bonus scatter.

The standard scatter symbol is a frightened looking warrior in a golden mask. Unlike in many other slot games, this one requires multiple instances of the scatter symbol to appear on an active pay line in order to win free games in which you get your winning amount doubled. The bonus scatter symbol is an ornate sun sticking its tongue out. You must get three of them on an active pay line to trigger the bonus round.

Bonus Round

The bonus round begins with five rows containing stepping stones that you have to successfully navigate across. Lucky players that reach the large stone figure at the end of the rows of stepping stones, will win the biggest prize that Aztec Secrets has to offer.

This fast paced game gives you an exciting way to experience life as the Aztecs knew it and win big!  Aztec Secrets can be played on all mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Iphones and Ipads, just load up and play!

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