Battle Mania Slot

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Battle Mania Slot by Microgaming

Battle Mania slot is a video slot machine where you have to fight for all of your big wins in incredible fantasy battle. Microgaming (Skillz gaming) produced this slot machine as a massive clash filled with some action-packed and adventurous fun throughout a fusion of amazing games.


The game plays in a very similar way to Max Quest by the company Betsoft. As a fusion of several different slot machine games, this is a game that has some fun and games that will lead to some large wins especially in the clash mode. Battle Mania is designed as a massively epic adventure with five different RPG characters involved and an online casino that will definitely keep you engaged if you are an avid fantasy player or Dungeons & Dragons player.

What is most surprising about Battle mania is you can find this game in physical casinos as well. There are a number of casinos throughout Vegas that regularly showcase this game as a favorite. The games also extremely flexible with a paytable that ranges between 3940 coins all the way down to 20 for a win. The battle mania slot comes in a low bet and high betting format.

Special Features

As a 5×3 slot, it doesn’t look like there’s much to be seen here. With quite surprising however is that every hit you make on the slot machine can down an enemy monster. This can lead to a coin value win that will be collected as damage is done to enemies. When enemies are destroyed, you can get their loot and improve your winnings over time. Understanding how the game works can take a few spins but it is an excellent way that you can make sure every hit counts towards something.


The battle slot from micro gaming stands as one of the better options for fans of fantasy and RPG’s. If you are interested in a battle slot where you can fight enemy monsters, this is an option you have got to check out!

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