Blackjack Single Deck Touch

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Blackjack Single Deck Touch – a Mobile Casino Game out now!


NetEnt’s Blackjack Single Deck Touch was designed for players that want to access this popular casino table game on their mobile. This version of the table game, players can bet anywhere from .10 to 500, something many other companies don’t offer their mobile table game players.

The simplicity of this game makes it easy to play on the go. Each game consists of one hand and uses only one deck of cards. At a quick glance, you can see what your hand is worth; something that differs in the full online version of the game. You’re able to see both the cards you’re dealt, as well as one of the two cards the dealer gives to themself. At the bottom of the game screen, on the right hand side, you can see the number chips you have.

You can use the same strategy you would use in the online version of the game, in Blackjack Single Deck Touch. You’ll find few differences between the online and mobile versions of the game. The mobile version has been simplified to make it easier to navigate on a device, other than a computer.

NetEnt has really designed this mobile Blackjack game to stand out from the competition. Everything from the realistic sound effects; graphics, to the features of the game. These are designed to provide you with optimal entertainment, that you can find real value in.

Blackjack Single Deck Touch is only one of the many exceptional games that NetEnt has created. NetEnt’s games are great, as they can be played by everyone from beginning gamers to experts.

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