Boss The Lotto

Kingsman Casino

Boss The Lotto Instant Win


Boss the Lotto is an instant win game. It features colored Bingo balls, with a value of anywhere from 1 – 49. The first step in playing the game is to choose the size of the bet one wishes to place. Remember the more you bet, the more the potential win.

Once you have chosen your bet amount; the next step is to choose multiple balls, either one at a time, or simultaneously. Good balls are defined as those that have a cash symbol associated with them. When you have chosen six of these you have the option of cashing out your winnings. There are a total of 43 good balls in the game and any player that chooses them all, wins the jackpot prize. The other six balls are black balls and when one is chosen, the game is over. If you pick 6 good balls, you will be given the chance to cash out with double your stake, or play on.

Boss The Lotto Instant Win is a game based on chance and this is good news when it comes to the RNG odds calculation going on behind the scenes. This simple instant win lottery game is easy to play and has gained many fans in the time it has been available online. It is virtually the only game of its kind at any online casino.

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