Bounty Hunt Slot

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Bounty Hunt Slot & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Bounty Hunt is the perfect slot game for anyone who likes to live life on the edge. You are tasked with hunting down criminals that have been labeled dangerous. You will battle the Big Boss for control; capture the slot game’s villains by playing the slot game’s built-in features.

Game Play

One unique aspect of Bounty Hunt slot is that every time you spin the reels you will see the crosshair overlay on the screen. At the conclusion of each spin it targets a random symbol on the reels with the intention of turning that symbol into what is called a substituting wild.

When the substituting wild becomes a wanted poster you will win free spins. While the free spins are taking place you need to look for the criminal symbol that only appears during this bonus game. Anytime a criminal symbol appears it will transform symbols on the reels into locked jail criminal wilds. These wild symbols remain in place until the bonus feature concludes. If you’re lucky you may get the crosshair to turn every symbol on the reels into a jailed criminal wild and win a large amount of money for doing so.

During the crosshair feature, random wild symbols can be generated. When the bounty hunter symbol becomes a crosshair target wilds appear on the reels. There are also criminal symbols represented by the Big Boss, as well as by Hank Blade and Dr. Fury, who are the cohorts of the Big Boss.

Combinations of Bounty Hunt slot’s wild symbols are often formed on winning pay lines and this rewards you, if you’re reely lucky, with up to 1000x the amount of your original bet. This element of the Bounty Hunt makes it exciting and appealing to many. It sets itself apart from most other slot machine games, as you truly have a mission to accomplish.

Game Summary

Bounty Hunt slot can be played on your iphone, apple ipads, all android smartphones & tablets, so you can play while you’ve got some time on your hands.

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