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Bridesmaids Online Slot


No duh! The movie Bridesmaids will tell you there’s nothing complicated about playing the bridesmaids game at a wedding. First put your BFF in an ugly dress and uncomfy shoes, make her stand at the altar to be smirked at by the “best” men on the other side of the aisle. Then make sure she gets paid off with a piece of the tossed bridal bouquet she has to wrestle for, before you blissfully motor off on your honeymoon.

And the online instructions will tell you there is nothing complicated about playing the Bridesmaids online slot game in Kingsman Casino, either. You can even play it at home, in any dress or shoes you want to. You just might have more fun than a barrel of ….Bridesmaids!

OMG baby! Can you help BFF Lillian get to church on time? And can you win the CASH waiting to be spun out all throughout the game.

Based on the movie, Bridesmaids is a five reel, 40 pay line, 600 coin slot machine, offering you lots of winning combinations on those 40 lines. This wonderfully pink game is jammed packed with the movie’s main characters; Annie, Helen, Mega, Rita, Lillian, and Becca. The hit rockin’ soundtrack plays behind the game, and the hilarity of the film continues all during the contest.

The base game, “For The Better,” is totally interactive, with you taking Annie’s Wild Ride, and experiencing the “Bouquet Toss.” Squeal ladies, squeal, because three or more Bridesmaids bonus symbols triggers a bonus round, featuring movie clips!

Bonus rounds are titled:

  • Maid of Dishonour Free Spins – where five free games are awarded, if airline attendant symbols land together.
  • Bridal Gown Show Down – where you feed the Bridesmaids, and earn extra spins and additional Wilds, if the ladies don’t get sick from eating spoiled food.
  • Wedding Party Progressive –  where wheel pointers and multipliers encourage higher wagers to earn one of six progressive jackpots.
  • Random Moments –  where you get to choose from five DVD credit awards and possible extra picks, and look out for Flyin’ High Free Spins, Magic Moments Bonuses, cupcake bonuses, and more!

Do you really want to go wild at this wedding? Yes? Then watch the Bridesmaids symbols, because they are Wild, and making the game crazy, by creating their own combinations as they show up on a reel!

Cupcakes drive the game crazy too, by scattering symbols and activating the Wheel Bonus game., and Scatter wins are added to regular wins, so that the you get paid for both wins. That’s some sweet cupcakes, eh? Three or more cupcakes on a line and the Wheel Bonus game begins.

In the Wheel Bonus Game you win a multiplier value, and a jackpot-win opens up the game to even more prizes. You can choose one four cupcakes, under which one of six random bonus prizes has been placed, but you won’t know what they are, of course, and we aren’t telling, until you reach for a cupcake.

Free Spins

Flying High Free Spins gives you 10 free spins, and activates the Rolling Reels feature. Keep an eye on those rolling spins because wining combinations pop up and explode, are awarded, and then disappear as soon as you are paid out.

The Growing Wilds feature may also be activated during this part of the game, and as Bridesmaid symbols stack up, from 4 to 13 high, a wild symbol may walk in, slap the whole game silly, and spill out all kinds of awards.

In The Boutique Game 12 gift boxes are presented, with a Bridesmaid symbol and or/a multiplier hidden in them. Choose boxes until two symbols are matched and the value of the multiplier is awarded.

In The Magic Moments Bonus Game, 10 photos are displayed. Choose the right photo and a bonus is awarded. Choose the wrong symbol and all you get is a sincere “I’m Sorry.”

Also watch your paytable for Progressive Achievements, which help you track your wining status by highlighting your winning symbol combinations. Once all the combinations for an individual symbol are achieved, a progressive symbol is highlighted on the payout table and they stay there for you, even if you leave the game.

And if you leave and comeback to join the wild Bridesmaids, the fun will be there waiting for you again.

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