Dead World

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Dead World Slot – A PC & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Dead World slot is a zombie themed slot machine game with horror movie music and sound effects. The backdrop shows blood spatters surrounding the reels. All of the symbols used in the Dead World are sufficiently scary, in keeping with the theme.

Dead World’s wild symbol is simply the word wild. The bonus symbol is a long haired decomposing zombie named Hagraven. When you get at least three of the zombie on the reels at once they trigger the bonus game. This takes you to a new screen featuring two sliding lines. On each line are zombies that you must shoot at. You have five bullets to accumulate as many points as you can. You may also earn more bullets that give you extra chances to kill the zombies.

Those who are familiar with Caliber Comics may know that Dead World is a comic book series. You will notice that the graphics used in the game are almost identical to what one would see in the comic books the slot game is based on. The main symbols used in the slot are the zombie characters of Dead World. However, human characters were added to the slot game, such as a young man with a pony tail and a girl dressed in gray drab.

While not a terribly complicated or detailed game, Dead World is a real treat for fans of the horror genre, as well as comic books and zombies. Its unique bonus game makes it more interactive than many other slot machine games that exist today.

Scare yourself anywhere you like, as this is a mobile slot game and can be played on all mobile devices, such as Android/Smartphones & IOS/Iphone and Ipads. If you prefer to play for free demo slot games, then why not give Dead World a try, before you play for real?

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