DJ Wild Slot

Kingsman Casino

Chilled vibes and good times, isn’t that what we all want? Well the new DJ Wild slot game by ELK games offers this experience!


While most slot games with good graphics over-complicate their games with unnecessary features, ELK games has kept their game really simple, while putting insanely good graphics for you to rave along to. You might not know how to use the turntable, how to DJ, nor have an idea how to mix a song. It really doesn’t matter, as all the DJ Wild slot game asks is that you spin the reels and the crowd will always go wild. God is a DJ and you are on the decks!

If you’re one of those players who likes to sit back and just click the spin button, then you’re at the right dance club. This club doesn’t need your crazy moves; just jumping up and down with your hands in the air is enough to make this a night to remember. If you’re still not totally in the mood, there is always the auto-play and auto-bet features so you can really just sit back and relax and watch the balance climb!

Unlike other slot games, DJ Wild offers 4 betting strategies rather than the usual 3. What you will find is:

  • The Leveller, this is a betting strategy where you raise after each 5 losses
  • The Booster, where you raise after each loss, and the Jumper; where the bet raises on wins.
  • What they all miss is the Optimiser! The Optimiser is a betting strategy that will change your bet automatically based on the percentage of your balance! Feeling the beat yet?

Great graphics, simple game play, what else could you ask from a slot game? Aah, don’t forget the great music! This game is called DJ Wild, afterall! The music keeps going throughout the slot game; it’s uplifting and has a great loop; while having a great drop too!

This is a high energy slot and filled with bangin’ tunes. A slot game you can play on your mobile, as well as your pc. DJ Wild is the perfect slot game for the simple player that likes to win and you can win up to 1,700 times your bet. So, not a small payout for a night in! Our advice, put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and tonight you will become the DJ in DJ Wild!

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