Dolphin Gold Slot

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You can play Dolphin Gold slot game on mobile, pc and tablets!


Have you ever seen a guy, or girl with a metal detector trying to find hidden treasures in the beach? You must have and if you didn’t you probably still have an idea of how their story ends right? If not then suffice to say that it usually ends with a bad tan and an expensive metal detector, because he didn’t find anything valuable that would justify the purchase of the detector in the first place. Sad story I know, so why am I telling you this? Well, because I know where all those treasures really are. The treasures are deep under sea, as the golden dolphins pick them up at night. I know this makes no sense to you, but if you play the Dolphin Gold slot game, you will find treasures hidden deep inside the ocean!

While finding treasures under water might normally require a scuba suit and lots of time, in the Dolphin Gold slot game, all you have to do is spin the reels to win!

Dolphin Gold Slot Symbols

There are many symbols but don’t let them intimidate you, at the end all they do is reward you for your efforts. If you’re not that keen on the turtles, then root for the seahorse, or if you want to shoot for the stars, pray for the dolphins. While with 40 pay lines most of the symbols will grant you a win, the dolphin symbols act both as the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. So these dolphins are just as friendly and as rewarding as real dolphins, and you pay way less money to see these!

Dolphin Gold Slot Free Spins

The last feature these dolphins offer you is the Free Spins feature. Starting from 3 free spins, it can go up to 21 Free Spins! All you have to do is land on as many blue dolphins as possible.

  • 6 dolphins give you 3 wins
  • 12 dolphins give you 21
  • Any numbers of dolphins in between increases your Free Spins too.

So go on and play the Dolphin Gold slot game! You may not find the lost city of Atlantis but you may just find their scattered treasures. Pirate stories, lost treasures, Atlantis. Everyone knows where all their wealth rests, in the deepest parts of the ocean. Now you know how to reach that treasure, by playing the Dolphin Gold slot game. Go on and become King of the Ocean, who needs Poseidon when we have you?! So go for it, spin the reels and reveal the hidden treasures in Dolphin Gold!

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