Doubleplay Super Bet

Kingsman Casino

Doubleplay Super Bet is a new mobile and online slot game with a fat win to be had!


Are you ready to play the brave mans’ mobile and online slot game – Doubleplay Super Bet? This slot game lets you pick your own multipliers and how many reels you want to play with. Like that wasn’t risky enough, you can gamble your winnings for that extra adrenaline too!

Unlike many other video slots we see on the web, Doubleplay Super Bet doesn’t care much about its graphics, or symbols. They are all straight forwards and simple symbols like a star, a cherry, or a diamond. What Doubleplay Super Bet cares about is the risk and how lucky you are! Doubleplay Super Bet, will boost and test your luck and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat when you’re playing, as there are so many changes that you can control in this slot game, that it makes it seem surreal. With a lot of luck and a little bit of courage, Doubleplay Super Bet will reward you massively!

The first feature that Doubleplay Super Bet offers you is the Doubleplay feature. This feature allows you to control your multipliers from x3 to x9. The only thing  with increasing your multipliers is that it increases your bet too, so if you want to play the x9 multiplier, you might lose big, BUT if you win, you will win BIG!

The second feature Doubleplay Super Bet brings to the table is the reel numbers you can play with. You can start with a minimum of 3 and go up to 5, which again, increases your bets and winnings at the same time. Last but not least, we have the gambling option. If you win some money, you can go and gamble them in a card game, in which you need to guess the color of a closed card, or if you feel even more confident then you can try to guess what kind of card it is too!

With all these adjustable changes and controls in your hand, you can bet up to 600$ playing Doubleplay Super Bet! I don’t know what you call a challenge but this sure is a challenge in my book! The question is, are you up for this challenge?

Go ahead, open Doubleplay Super Bet and show them who’s boss by picking the highest multipliers, 5 reels and max out!  If Lady Luck is with you, you will be a winner – big time!

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