Electric Sam

Kingsman Casino

Who wants to go to a casino when you can go to an online arcade and play a slot game on your mobile, or desktop?


Electric Sam and his friends have opened a new mobile casino in your town and their goal is to bring back your childhood memories! Playing the Electric Sam online mobile slot, you can feel the same joy you felt when you were a kid and going to the arcades. With its neon lights and jolly music, you won’t know if you are playing a slot game, or if you are on a journey to Nostalgia-land.

Remember the times you went to the arcade and won tickets to play more? In Electric Sam’s online mobile slot all you have to do is spin and you can win up to 200,000 coins! There are so many special symbols for you to increase your winnings, that there are almost to many to mention, but I will still tell you about them.

The first symbol in our mobile casino arcade is the Electric Sam Wild symbol! Come across this and it will replace all other symbols except the Free Spin symbols. Talking about the free spin feature, yes Electric Sam’s slot game offers you extra lives!

Come across 3, or more Bell symbols and you will get up to 15 Free Spins! This is where it gets interesting though! During your free spins, if you come across 3 or more Sam symbols, you will get a Sticky Wild symbol! If you come across 3 or more Sandra symbols, she will grant you huge multipliers! Finally if you come across, 3 or more of our friendly Maggie symbol, she will set off a chain of imploding symbols, zapping them away for added win chances!

Hey you may be in an mobile casino arcade, but every kid likes to use some cheat codes from time to time. In Electric Sam’s arcade, he gives them to you himself! He tells you all about his special betting strategies to earn the biggest wins possible! First he talks about the Booster which raises your bet on each loss! Second comes the Leveller, where he raises the bet 2 levels after 5 consecutive losses. Finally he talks about the Jumper, where he raises the bet with each win! It’s almost impossible to lose with these strategies!

It’s time to go and play in Electric Sam’s online mobile slot because winning at this slot is even easier than winning tickets in your local arcade!

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