Enchanted Woods

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Enchanted Woods Slot Game by Microgaming

People love fantasy, bedtime stories and fiction. They seriously do! This is one of the main reasons that Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and stories like Little Red Riding Hood from the days of old have become so popular.

Enchanted Woods slot game is a prime fantasy slot game, both are a winning and entertaining combination. It has 5 reels with different symbols (more on this later) and a single payline.

Enchanted Woods gameplay works like all slot games. Spin the reels, select a bet; you can hold or unlock a card. Everything is visible on the screen-the payouts, the winning amount and the credits.

Spin and if you get matching symbols and winning combinations on adjacent reels, you are in for a win. Although the game doesn’t feature scatters and free spins, but it does have special symbols and a bonus game for you.

Enchanted Woods slot has a great sound track. A tree-like background full of leaves, tree trunks and shrubbery,  at first glance it looks like it is a scene straight out of a fairy tale out, or a bedtime story.

Talking about fairy tales, Enchanted Woods slot is well-stocked with characters pertaining to such stories. The woods are shared by leprechauns, fairies, witches, mermaids, dwarfs, strange mushrooms and other evil spirits. Apart from these the wild symbols are toads perched on an ancient tree.

Bonus Games

Enchanted Woods slot has wild toad symbols, which help you realise the bonus game. The bonus game does not relate to making a combination of the toads. The thing that matters here, is the position. Three or more bonus symbols trigger a bonus round. While playing Pick a Toad, select one of the toads on the tree and bring forward a bet. Each toad has a winning value, which depends upon the bet. In this way the payout size can reach one hundred eighty bets.

Released in 2011, Enchanted Woods slot is similar to all the current video slot games out today, the difference lies in the the wins and the way they are awarded. In Enchanted Woods, the matches can start on any position and are called scatter wins. Enchanted Woods Slot has a very good chance to hit a win!

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