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Evolution Blackjack Party


If you love playing classic card games at casinos, blackjack is always a great option. Evolution Gaming introduced a new, party-themed blackjack variant called Blackjack Party. This game features 2 live hosts (a man and a woman) and can be played by 7 players. The background features animated panels with dazzling gold streams. You’ll see gold and black wall panels behind the dealers. Also, the panels are illuminated by green lights creating a festive atmosphere. The game is streamed in real time using HD cameras. Players are able to see the table, the seven hands, and the dealers head-on.


Blackjack fans can access this game via their desktop browsers as well as tablets and smartphones. When it comes to the rules, Blackjack Party is based on American Blackjack rules, which means there are 8 decks of 52 playing cards. The live dealer stands on 17 and hands can be split. Bet limits range from $5 to $1,000.


Apart from the ordinary bets, there are 3 additional side bets: 21+3, Perfect Pair, and Bet Behind. The Bet Behind option allows players to place back wagers. Bet sizes for this option are between 50 cents and $100. For the Perfect Pair option, bets range from $1 to $500. Bet values range from $1 to $250 if you choose the game’s 21+3 option.

In addition to the extra side bets, there are many exciting features including HD graphics, the live chat option, audio settings, and visual settings. The live chat feature allows you to chat with the dealer and the host. The HD cameras have an auto adjust feature to bring you high-quality streams. The game also comes with incredible sound effects to improve your gaming experience. You can mute and unmute the sounds depending on your current mood.


Overall, Blackjack Party is a fascinating live dealer game for players who are interested in a fresh live casino experience. It’s entertaining and lively.

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