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Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat Squeeze

Live Baccarat Squeeze is a thrilling baccarat game from Evolution Gaming. There are different variants of this game to bring an amazing brick-and-mortar experience depending on the player’s preference. In fact, Baccarat Squeeze makes you feel like someone playing the game of baccarat at a land-based casino in Asia. There are professional female dealers to help you play the game. Let’s find out what this game has in store for baccarat fans.


Live Baccarat Squeeze is available on desktop and mobile devices to meet the gaming needs of many baccarat enthusiasts. This game comes with the same rules as other baccarat variants and your goal to get closer to 9. In addition to the 3 standards bets (Banker, Player, and Tie), there are 2 side bets (Player Pair and Banker Pair).

The first step is to place your wager, which ranges from $5 to a whopping $35,000! Once you place your bet on the Banker or Player, the live dealer produces 2 cards for the Player’s hand and 2 more for the Banker’s hand. Each hand receives another card or stand pat. The hand with the highest total bets has its 3rd card squeezed and the hand that gets closest to 9 wins. The next step is to start over once the dealer places all of the cards into the shuffling device.


Live Baccarat Squeeze comes with a number of features including cards, HD cameras, scoreboards, and other important features. The game is streamed from a live studio with a brick-and-mortar theme using 15 HD cameras. These cameras make it possible to view the action from various angles. There is an Auto Adjust feature to optimize the video. Moreover, there are several customizable features and a toolbar with buttons to adjust chat, sound, history, and window settings. Also, there are 4 scoreboards on the screen to show the latest results.


Live Baccarat Squeeze seems to be a nice game if you love the squeeze ritual. It’s worth trying if you are a live casino aficionado.

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