Fairy Tale Legends Red Riding Hood

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NetEnt’s Fairy Tale Legends Red Riding Hood – A PC & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Net Ent’s Fairy Tale Legends offers you a Red Riding Hood slot game. The red and gold background depicts the woods that Red Riding Hood traveled through in the classic fairy tale. She stands to the left of the reels and walks along as they spin.

The symbols used in Fairy Tale Legends have nothing to do with Red Riding Hood, but are simply generic fairy tale objects. The main attraction of this slot and mobile slot game is its bonus features. Boasting both random and non random features keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Bonus Features

The three random bonus features are the Fairy Magic Spin, Surprise and Wild Spin. Any of these three features has the potential to be triggered after any spin of the reels that does not include a scatter symbol.

When the Magic Spin is triggered one whole reel on the screen becomes one of the slot game’s symbols.

The Fairy Surprise feature can be triggered whenever the reels are spun and a winning combination is not achieved. One of the slot game’s medium paying symbols is randomly selected and takes the place of any low value trading cards on the reels. This feature does not end until you spin a winning combination of symbols. The Wild Spin involves three or four sticky wilds appearing on the reels. You automatically get a re-spin for free for having two wilds on the reels at once.

Scatter Symbol

The standard scatter symbol in the slot game is the blue treasure chest. Getting even one of them on the reels gives you a cash prize of 15 times the bet you placed on the spin that resulted in the appearance of a treasure chest. When you get free spins you win 10 of them along with re-spins courtesy of the sticky wilds.

The Beware the Wolf Bonus involves Red Riding Hood walking along and scooping up coins and multipliers, as she makes her way through the woods to Granny’s. This is a great bonus round if you are lucky enough to trigger this bonus feature and can get Red Riding Hood all the way to her destination.

The universal appeal of Fairy Tale Legends will make Red Riding Hood a popular slot game with players of all legal age.  A slot game that is available on all devices, such as PC, smartphones, iphones and more! If you want to play a demo slot for free first, why not try the demo first by clicking on demo on the image?  Take it for a spin now!

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