Flame Slot

Kingsman Casino

With the gaming creations of NextGen, Flame Slot is one of a kind.


Flame Slot comes armed with a futuristic and modern little gem of a game. Many online users consider the newest version as a high-energy and fiery inferno. In reality, it’s far different. It is an ethereal and calm game with various shades of blue. Yes, it appears a little weird. But it works really great.

Since the launch, online gamers are amazed at its game board. It is set against a stunning and cold background that give every enthusiast a different experience. The bottom of your screen is full of quiet flames that set the tone of your playing moment. This is where you can find your playing symbols. These include representations of the earth’s elements, card deck symbols, and a variety of predatory animals.

For those who want a game that can create a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere, Flame Slot is the ideal option. It is also perfect for people who want to take a break from normality and work. Packed with amazing features, it is an online game that you shouldn’t miss.

Game Play

With the buzz that Flame Slot creates since availability, you know that it’s a great game and the thought of giving it a try is a brilliant idea. But your biggest concern is how to play it. Worry no more because it is not as tough as you imagine. It is easy and won’t give you a hassle.

The maximum bet is 75 per spin, making it ideal to medium and high rollers. Because of its unique and intense environment, you’d love it and get the most out of your weekend. Its Auto Play function spins the reels up to 100 times. This is suitable for long sessions. What’s even more interesting is its effects quality. Every time you want to adjust the resolution, this feature would help you make it happen.

Whether you can afford, or are looking for an elusive big win, your bet should be 75 per spin. Seasoned users encourage everyone to try 5 or 10 spins. For every huge payout, you achieve, reduce your bet, cash out your profit, and play with your bankroll.

Bonus Features

Cross Flare

The reels pay in different directions

Flare Up

Every win is randomly multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10. For every goal you meet, you can expect other best deals that will improve your performance in the future.

Fire Whirl

This special feature covers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 reels. Any eagle, lion, or wolf symbol that appears on reels with flame increases your chance to obtain a bonus price.

Live Embers

Symbols of all heart, club, spade, and diamond on reel 2, 3 or 4 become wild for the current spin.

Spontaneous combusting

Symbols such as lightning, leaf, and all fire will transform into an eagle, wolf, or lion.

Wild Inferno

The moment you trigger the wild inferno feature, you can get paid for any applicable wins. For each wild symbol that appears onscreen, you can obtain 1 Re-Spin.


Flame Slot has an attractive style and atmosphere. This makes you more eager to try more spin and see other features. Plus, there’s a guaranteed win in every free spin.

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