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Flux is out of this world and now on mobile!


Flux, is a simple, but visually stunning slot game that has just become a mobile casino game. As it’s name would suggest, The slot game is out of this world, it’s really similar to Starburst in it’s feel and is a 15 payline game. It’s a perfect theme for a mobile slot game, as it is an elegant mobile casino game, but without being to difficult to grasp.

Play Flux when you want to zone out, whether you’re on a plane, a train, or on your bed. The graphics are out of this world, as they are based on beautifully crafted 3D animation.

Flux takes you on a relaxing space safari, where your worries are left far behind and all that matters are the visuals and the music. Put on your headphones, it doesn’t matter where you are.

The Game Features

Flux has a free bonus games features that will trigger if you land on 3 or more “Bonus Symbols” in one spin. You get more free games the more bonus symbols you land on. In Flux the bonus game has 3 options. You can pick from:

  • Free Spins with more symbol rows
  • Free Spins with paylines in both directions
  • Free Spins with more symbol rows and paylines in both directions.

The only downside is that if you pick the more rewarding of the options, you get less free spins. But hey, who doesn’t want to play a mobile casino game with 3 extra lines!

So, go on, play Flux on your mobile and get so surreal you can spin those reels and dare to dream! Go on, I dare you.