Frog Grog

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Frog Grog Slot & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Players who enjoy cauldrons and potions are flocking to the Frog Grog video slot machine game. This beautifully animated slot game features a room full of bubbly concoctions. With gray stone walls the room is sufficiently dark and dreary. Its shelves of colorful bottles make the slot game screen attractive to the eye. The music and sound effects are heard during gameplay and reflect the movement of the reels and whether, or not a winning combination of symbols was achieved.

Above the reels on the slot game screen you will see a small rat and a book of spells spread out on a dresser. When you look to the left of the reels you will see the hat of the witch who lives in the room. The cauldron, book of spells and even small rat are her personal possessions.

The symbols used in the Frgo Grog slot are all items one would expect to find in the home of a witch. The lowest paying symbols in the slot game are jars with colored liquids in them. Two of the jars of colored liquid respectively contain a heart and a pair of eyeballs floating in the liquid. An eye-catching mouth and a magical flower are the higher paying symbols in Frog Grog. Keeping with the name of the slot game, its wild symbol is a frog which appears to be blue or orange.

Frog Grog slot boasts what is referred to as dropping symbols/rolling reels. This is a feature in which anytime a winning combination of symbols appears on the reels the symbols are replaced with others, as long as winning combinations continue to be achieved. The Mystery Game bonus feature can be randomly triggered after any spin of the reels, in which no winning combination of symbols results. When this bonus feature begins certain symbols are taken off the reels, leaving only frogs, flowers and moths. Based on the symbols that are removed from the reels, you are awarded a cash prize.

Though it is a simple game, Frog Grog is one that many slot machine players enjoy because it is easy, but is still exciting to play.

If you’re out-and-about then you can always play Frog Grog on your mobile phone, whether that be iphone, or smartphone; it is tablet-friendly too!  There is a free demo slot game that you can play for free no deposit needed, if you want to try the slot game out first.  Just click on the demo button, as you hover over the image.