Gamevy European Roulette

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Gamevy European Roulette

Gamevy European Roulette comes with all the glamor, prestige and fast-paced action you would expect in a land-based casino. This roulette game comes with excellent graphics, a simple interface and lots of ways to win. European Roulette has 37 numbers which you can bet on.


European Roulette is very easy to play with standard roulette bets. In this game, you can personalize your play. You can see the digits on the lower center part of the second screen. You can also check your bets, winning and clear bets with a click.

It also comes with an Autoplay option so you can relax while spinning the wheel. Use this option at the bottom right of the table top by selecting the number of rounds. You can have 25, 50 or 100 spins of the wheel and can win good cash prizes. Your win pops up in the screen with a celebratory sound.

If you want to see your stats, the last five winning digits can be shown on your screen’s right top. This roulette game can be enjoyed on various devices such as tablets, laptops, iOS, Android and mobile devices.

Bonus Features

To win at the bonus in Gamevy European Roulette, you must aim to guess where the ball will stop on the wheel once it has been spun. You can make several predictions with each having different bet range available in the game.

You can bet by choosing your chip value and put it on the table that you wish to place your bet. Extra clicks can add more chips for that particular bet. The chips come in denomination values of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100. You can play your chosen number of rounds automatically through the Auto Play option. Once you placed the bets, you can click the Spin button to spin the wheel. When the ball stops on a digit, you can get a bonus from your winning bets.

Special Features

Gamevy European Roulette has two ways to bet, the inside bets and outside bets. The Inside bets consist of Straight (single number), Split (two numbers next to each other), Street (row of three numbers), Corner (four numbers) and Six Line (two rows of three numbers.

Meanwhile, the Outside Bets include Column (12 digits forming a column), Dozen (four rows of three digits), Red/Black (bet on red or black numbers), Even/Odd (18 even digits or 18 odd numbers) and 1-18/19-36 (bet on first or last 18 digits).

The lowest stake value of bets is one chip, while the highest bet for the straight bet is 500 chips. On the other hand, the maximum bet for split, corner, street, and column, dozen, and six lines bets is 1000 chips. The maximum bet value on the table is 2000 chips which you can also place on Even/Odd, Red/Black, and 1-18/19-36 bets.


The Gamevy European Roulette is perfect for Roulette fans. It is exciting and thrilling to play. The interface is easy to understand and the gameplay makes it feel like having the casino in your own home.

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