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Germinator Slot, PC & Mobile Slot Game by Microgaming – Out Now!


Well, true to its name, Germinator is all about killing germs. For all you OCD slots players out there, Microgaming has come up with a different kinds of slot game this time and it really is Arcade-like! Germinator slot is all about fighting off the germs in a slots battle. The more you kill, the more you win!

Graphically, the Germinator is sound. The germ symbols are colored yellow, orange, green, blue and red, with each having a different multipliying amount and a fuzzy, germy shape. The Germinator characters have a similar look and all look as if they are from the movie Monster’s University. All of them are set against a purplish background, which gives the whole game a sharp contrast. All your scoring and bet information is available on the gaming screen. Microgaming has introduced Germinator both for the pc users and the smartphone commuters, iOS and Android alike, so all can enjoy the game anywhere and anytime.

Germinator has 6 rows and 6 reels, in fact it is more of a grid, because spinning is way out of question. If 3 germs match horizontally, or even vertically the player gets a prize, which as already mentioned, depends on the type of germ being destroyed. It goes as follows:

  • Yellow Germ: x10
  • Green Germ: x2
  • Blue Germ: x1
  • Red Germ: x0.6
  • Orange Germ: x0.2

Destroyed germs are replaced by more germs. You can Use the – and + buttons by Bet per Line to change the amount of cash you’re wagering on each of the 12 lines.

Apart from everything else Germinator slot also houses a little bonus game which is triggered only when the player ends 3 or more of little Medi-bonus capsules in the grid. The capsules are actually attached to the germs – any of them. All the player needs to do is to select a germ on the appearance of the capsule and kill it off. This will leave gaps in which new germs will enter. New germs mean new combinations and so the slot goes on. Three or more of the capsules end the round but no worries. It can be re-triggered.

In short, Microgaming deserves a huge applause because they have developed a new concept for a slot game. Germinator slot is new, fresh, unique and a reel thrill to play – like what I did there?!

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