Hot as Hades Slot

Kingsman Casino



Who wants to play with lemons and cherries when you can throw fireballs with Hades in his lair, play in boiling lava, and mix as an equal level with the Greek gods? In Hot as Hades, a 5 reel, 20 payline game, all the gods are spinning including Poseidon, Medusa, Zeus, and Cerberus. Stunning animation takes every player to the heights of Olympus and the mysterious underworld of Hades. In Hot as Hades, playing has never been so hot!

The hellish scamp Hades is continually at work, popping up randomly to change spinning symbols and give players more chances to go deeper into his world. Of course is all hellish tongue-in-cheek fun, and can be very profitable if the gods give the player luck, and riches.

Scatter symbols, and wild multipliers may also drop players into a Quest for the Crystal Helm, and a Super Mode Free Spins bonus game, as well. The Hot as Hades game logo is a wild, multiplier symbol, and the Crystal Skull is the Scatter. Three more scatters opens the Crystal Helm bonus game.

In the Crystal Helm round players are given the chance to reveal random bonus amounts by out smarting the gods by picking hidden treasures behind hellish objects, scattered in five levels.

  • Level 1 opens the Pillars of Awesomeness round where you pick a pot for a chance at three random bonus wins.
  • Medusa’s Gaze is level 2, where a player has to choose a path behind the mysterious doors.
  • Level 3 takes place in Poseidon’s Ocean, where players have to pick the right shell to win one or two bonus amounts.
  • Zeus’ Stairway on Level 4 asks the player to select a cloud to find two bonus amounts, a Winn All, or two block symbols.
  • On Level 5, The Chamber of the Crystal Skull, one of five chests can give a player gets a second chances to pick up valuable treasurers.

Also Super Mode Free Spins bonus round can be randomly activated after any spin. By outsmarting the gods a player can win up to 100,000 coins and claim an underground friend in Hades for eternity.

And its all in wickedly good fun and hellish taste!

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