Irish Eyes Scratch

Kingsman Casino

Irish Eyes Scratch is now on mobile, pc & tablets!


This is the game to play if you are looking to win some real money. You know why? Because everyone knows the Irish and their symbols are the luckiest of them all.

This is the time to throw away your three year old dirty underwear that you call your Lucky underwear. Throw away all the objects that you think give you an advantage in the casino games you play, because they don’t really give you an advantage. You know what does? The hundreds of years of old Irish luck!

  • Gold bars? Check.
  • Golden pot from the leprechaun himself? Check.
  • The leprechaun? Check.
  • Rainbow? Check.
  • Four-leaf clover? Check.
  • Last but not least, a pretty Irish lady? Check.

We all love the odd flutter and most of us have our rituals, or beliefs that we think will increase our chances, but, have you ever played a game where all the lucky charms are already there? If you believe that lucky charms and tokens increase your chance of winning, you are about to play the right game for you.

Land on three, or more of a symbol in your scratch card, and you will be rewarded! It shouldn’t be that hard, when all the symbols carry the luck of the Irish. By the way, just like how your dirty underwear is luckier than the lucky charm you have, these symbols all have different values. The hat of the leprechaun and the gold bars may not be worth much, but if you land on the leprechaun himself, you might just be made, quite literally, golden; because you will win 100X your bet. That’s not even the Jackpot though! If you land on the red-headed Irish lady 3 times in one scratch card, then you win 1000X your bet! How crazy is that?

It shouldn’t be so hard to win playing the Irish Eyes scratch card game, with enough luck, you might even land the Jackpot. I mean what more can be in an Irish scratch card game than luck? So go ahead, open the Irish Eyes scratch card game and pray that these tokens are not just superstitions. If you win enough, you might end up with a girl as pretty as the one on the screen. So go and get scratching!