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Jack Hammer & Jack Hammer Mobile Slot & Touch Slot


Jack Hammer is one of the latest introductions by NetEnt in the PC and Mobile Slot Touch arena, where it is aptly supported by Android and the iOS operating systems. Now you can enjoy playing it on your smartphone whenever you want to and wherever you like!

Game Play

Jack Hammer although it has a second part (Jack Hammer II), the first one is superbly set up. It’s basically about a story between Jack Hammer and Doctor Wutten. Both of them are opposite sides of the picture with Dr. Wutten being the Evil guy. Starting off with Jack Hammer, who is a Private Detective, and is after the Evil Dr. Wutten.

The game is a 5 reel and 25 payline slots pattern and all the symbols have been brought out from comics. The cartoonish style retains and increases the game vibe and interest. All of the symbols are related to the spy game. Some of them are related to Dr. Wutten, while others to the private detective, Jack Hammer.

They include a beaker of orange liquid, a ringing telephone, a newspaper, a car, a blimp, a newspaper seller, a female victim, Dr. Wutten and Jack Hammer.  There’s also a ticking bomb Free Spin symbol and an explosion wild symbol.

Bonus Features

The game features sticky wild symbols, wild symbols and free spin symbols. The wild symbol like all other online slot games can substitute every other symbol; however, the ones which they cannot substitute are the free spins. You bet, you win and you get the sticky wilds feature. It is way stickier than you think!

On forming the winning combination, the winning combination stays as it is and a new spin is made. This paves the way to the formation of even larger winning combinations. When you no longer spin another win the total prize is calculated. In order to activate the free spins a minimum of 5 symbols are required.

With an increase in the symbols the number of free spins are increased, because all free spins come with a 3x multiplier; where 5 symbols result in 10 free spins, 6 with 15, 7 with 20 and 8 with 25 free spins. 9 to 15 symbols result in 30 free spins.


In short, the game has a thrill and excitement which cannot be undermined. Throughout the game, the excellent soundtrack developed by the NetEnt software developers plays, which helps the players in thinking of actually participating the gameplay.  Feeling lucky – why not give it a try now?

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