James Dean Slot

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James Dean Slot is now out on mobile and desktop!


You seem like a rebel without a cause, so I know you are going to check out the James Dean online slot whether I tell you that you should, or you shouldn’t. So, let me tell you about it, so that you can relive the life of the legendary actor James Dean.

James Dean’s tragic accident may of taken him away from us at the tender age of 25, but you he should definitely still be remembered and what an exciting way to do it, with this new mobile slot game. As popular as he was, James Dean was a really generous guy too and as you find his attractive face during your spins, James Dean himself, will end up giving you free spins, or he will multiply your winnings!

I know you’ve heard all this before; I know every single slot game you have ever played has likely offered you free spins, and I know all these features can get a little ‘samey’, but did any slot game offer to multiply your bet up to 750x? Well once you are a Hollywood superstar money gets easier to come by and all James Dean wants to do with his money is share it with you.

So how do you get James Dean to give away all that money? You just spin! Spin till you come across 3 purple James Dean symbols and you can win up to 150x your bet. Feeling Lucky? Come across his pretty face 3 times during a free spin and win up to 300x! Finally to get the legendary 750x multiplier, come across the 3 James Dean symbols during the Legend Spins, which you can acquire if you come across a Clapper.

Hey, I know you think you are just a casual person and that the legendary James Dean won’t recognize you, but even if he doesn’t, there are many more prizes you can win in the James Dean online and mobile slot game.

Come on already! I thought you were a rebel, so why are you reading this, go ahead and start living the Hollywood life! Who knows, maybe your great performance will be rewarded with an Academy Award, or a Grammy. I am sure your spinning performance will impress the judges and even if it doesn’t, you will be too rich to care about what they think of you! So go ahead and learn from James Dean and live your life like a legend!