Jewel Strike

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Jewel Strike a PC & Mobile Slot Game by Blueprint Gaming – Out Now!


Bling! Bling! Jewel Strike slot is here! So many slot games and mobile slot games that have been based on jewels and although this is another one to chalk up, it is an extremely entertaining slot game.

Jewel Strike consists of 5 reels, 10 paylines, 3 rows and has a great background, catchy soundtrack and awesome graphics, which change. The background is actually a backdrop of swirling purple and blue, on which the larger than life colourful jewels. The software-side of the game has been intelligently handled by Blueprint. Moreover, Blueprint gaming has introduced it for Android, as well as iOS so you can spin while on the go!

Jewel Strike has some great bonus features, however, there aren’t any wild symbols, or scatter symbols. Apart from that the Autoplay option is also available, so you can sit back and spin to win.

Jewel Strike gameplay is straightforwards enough. The jewels are colored differently. They are blue, red, golden and green. Each of them has a different value. The lower valued jewels are made up of 10, J, Q, K and A. The gold jewel can appear stacked on the reels and is worth 500x your line stake if you can fill all reels like this. The multiplier for each of the jewels and the lower valued symbols goes as follows:

Symbol 3 in number 4 in number 5 in number
10 1x 3x 10x
J 1x 3x 10x
Q 1x 3x 10x
K 2x 5x 20x
A 2x 5x 20x
Green 4x 10x 30x
Blue 4x 10x 30x
Red 8x 20x 40x
Golden 10x 50x 500x

Let’s take a look at what Jewel Strike has to offer in terms of bonus rounds. As mentioned earlier although Jewel Strike doesn’t offer any wild, or scatter features this in no way means that the slots have no bonuses. Firstly, let’s discuss the colossal reels. A colossal reel bonus can be triggered automatically and randomly on any spin. When triggerd, a huge golden 3 by 3 symbol appears on the reels. Whenever this happens, the other reels stop spinning and you WIN!. The epic reels feature is basically a button labelled as such on the screen. It helps increasing the stakes for low value symbols as follows:

  • Bet 5x – remove 10, J, Q from the reels
  • Bet 10x – remove 10, J, Q, K from the reels
  • Bet 20x – remove 10, J, Q, K, A from the reels

On the whole, who wouldn’t want to play a slot game where the words Epic and Colossal are used to describe their bonus rounds and actually live up to their names! All-in-all, this is a great addition to the Jewel themed slots.

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