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Jungle Jim Slot a PC & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Microgaming’s Jungle Jim slot is a colorful video slot game based in the jungle. The sound effects used in the slot game make you feel as if you are actually in one. Anytime the reels are spun you will hear tribal drum beats. Jungle Jim’s 11 symbols are animals, such as a tarantula, piranha, snake, alligator and jaguar. There is also a tropical flower symbol, an explorer with a mustache and a monocle and a redheaded woman. Jungle Jim is portrayed as a man with a wide brimmed hat and prominent jaw. The red headed woman in the game is thought to be either Jungle Jim’s girlfriend, or his sister. However, Jungle Jim’s symbol is the highest paying symbol in the slot game. The explorer with the moustache is thought to be Jungle Jim’s father, whose symbol is worth less.

Game Play

The scatter and wild symbols used in Jungle Jim slot are the respective words themselves. Scatter appears on a round shield and wild appears on the backdrop of a jungle. The alligator serves as the slot game’s bonus symbol. This is the symbol that triggers free spins when you get at least three of the symbols on the reels, at once. You are then awarded 10 free spins and five times the payout. If you get four of the symbol then you will win 20 times the amount of your bet. If you get five of the symbols you will win 50 times the amount your original bet was worth. The included 5x multiplier means you walk away with big winnings! Once you have activated the free spins this cannot be retriggered while those spins are being played.

The wild symbol also pays out when it lands on an active bet line. When you get two of the symbol on the screen you get a small payout. Three of the symbol gets you four times the amount you get for two symbols. If you get five of the wild symbol on the reels at once, you win the Jungle Jim slot game’s jackpot prize! The appearance of the scatter symbol on the reels also pays out, but not as much as the wild symbol does.

Jungle Jim slot is a great new addition by Microgaming and has a jackpot prize worth playing for. The fact that it is on both Android and iOS platforms and all manner of mobile devices, means you can play to win, wherever you are!

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