Jungle Spirit

Kingsman Casino

Jungle Spirit Slot Machine

Jungle Spirit is an online slot and mobile slot machine game that features animals such as cobras, tigers, bears, crocodiles and elephants, which serves as the symbols on the reels. All of these symbols have the potential to award players free spins.

One feature in this game is the symbol expansion. Aside from the scatter symbol, any other symbol in the game can be affected by the butterfly. When a symbol that is part of a winning combination is affected by a butterfly becomes an expanding symbol. This feature can appear during regular or bonus gameplay.

The Butterfly Boost is a feature that is randomly triggered. When this happens butterflies are seen gliding over the reels and become expanding symbols that guarantee players a win.

The Free Spins with 1024 Bet Ways happen when at least three but no more than five of the scatter symbol appears on the reels after a single spin. Players then win free spins. In addition, if they have either four or five scatter symbols on the reels at once they also get a cash prize.

Each of the five animal symbols in the game also represents free spins. Players can choose the animal they want and will receive a specific number of free spins based on their choice. Tigers are worth four free spins while elephants are worth eight free spins. Bears are worth 12 free spins and crocodiles are worth 16 free spins. The cobra awards players with 20 free spins. This can lead to huge winnings for lucky players.

With so many chances to win free spins, Jungle Spirit is one slot machine that players keep coming back to. The free spin features are the part of the game that most players enjoy the most. This slot game is entertaining to players all over the world.

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