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Microgaming’s Keno


Keno is a popular casino game you can find played in most modern offline and online casinos.

Microgaming’s Keno is simple game for those who like lottery-style casino games. The Keno game screen shows a chart on a colored background which looks cool. The pay-table, the history and the betting are all on the Keno game screen. Moreover, the betting button and the Autoplay feature are also available on the screen for your use.

Keno has a 10 by 8 grid with a pay-table at the side and your winning chances at the other side. The Keno gameplay is about choosing ten numbers from the grid and then letting the game select 20 numbers at random. This can be done through the Autoplay features as well to save you time. The numbers selected randomly by the software are marked with a cross. Here comes the interesting part. If three of the randomly selected numbers match any of the selected 10 numbers you win. Such matches can help you win 0.5 multiples of the stake up to a multiplier of 10,000 for 10 matches.

If using Autoplay, you have to choose the number of games and then press the Auto button on-screen which will allow you to play up to 1000 matches.

Keno is an exciting casino game, if you enjoy lottery-style casino games and this casino game does not disappoint!

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