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Live Baccarat


Baccarat is a popular card game in the casinos. But providing it for the online community is a huge thing indeed. Microgaming has definitely accomplished this excellently. It has recently upgraded its older Baccarat version to a new one to increase the interest of the players in it. The newer version again comes in 2 types; a Multi-player baccarat or Dragon bonus baccarat! The multiplayer baccarat has an 8-deck shoe where there is a Tie, Player and Banker bets. If the banker wins he gets a 5 percent commission. Side bets are also offered in an 11 to 1 ratio between the Banker and the Player. The difference between the multiplayer baccarat and dragon bet baccarat lies in the bonus being offered. In Dragon bonus baccarat, the bonus is given on the player or the banker margin.

Microgaming has provided excellent resources for the game play. Other live tables can be viewed at the same time you are playing the Live Baccarat. All you have to do is click on the Add Table option in the drop down menu and enjoy it during the breaks. The 15 year experience of Microgaming in the online casino business has turned out to be of great help in making the games wonderfully interesting. The video features come with a detachable video which has the amazing features of reaching the full screen mode. The enlarged mode makes the baccarat much more joyful as compared to the micro view. The game also does not need a downloadable version. It can easily be played on the flash player option of the browsers. The game features oversized cards and also a table choice which can be changed upon choice. The table is usually solid having a dealer in the background and showing the bet limit range. It takes about 20 seconds between deals. This intuitive interface is what that makes Baccarat very lively.

Some negative features of Live Baccarat which the authorities should consider to improve upon are the non-presence of live chat applets and also no free play. Chatting with the dealers and other players is always an activity that increases the interest of any players in an online game being played. This is because there is quite some ‘time’ during the card dealings during which the player can interact with others. Live Baccarat also does not offer any free play mode. The game can be watched with paying but the sign in does require money. However a full betting history can be viewed at any feasible time.

On the whole the online version of Baccarat is great entertainment and worth playing your way through!

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