Live Blackjack Common Draw High

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Netent’s Live Blackjack Common Draw High


Live Blackjack Common Draw High was created by NetEnt in an attempt to bring high stakes gaming to online casinos. While there is also a low stakes version of the game, the high stakes version is popular among some of the most experienced online Blackjack players.

Higher stakes games often attract more players than lower stake games do and Common Draw High was designed with this in mind, as it can accommodate more players at once than the lower stake games. As a result, NetEnt added a feature to the game called Card Stream. The way this feature works is that when the betting time is up and all bets have been placed, the dealer then distributes his own single face up card and distributes two of them to the Card Stream. They are placed on the table and used by each of the players in the game. This creates an equal playing field among everyone.

When the next hand is played another card is added to the stream. This new card is used by any players who Split, Hit or Double Downed their pair of cards; the card added to the stream is used in conjunction with the pair. The reason this version of the game is played the way it is stems from the lack of a Hole card.

Players are urged to decide what bet they intend to place before it is their turn to do so. As a live dealer game it is up to each individual player to keep the game moving at the intended speed.

Common Draw Blackjack is often referred to online as Unlimited Blackjack. This is due to the freedom that players enjoy in this version of the game, one of the reasons that it is so popular with online gamers. Since it can be played so quickly it is convenient for those who wish to sneak a short, but fun game into their busy schedule. NetEnt designed Live Blackjack Common Draw High to appeal to high rollers that simply don’t have the time to travel to a land based casino.

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