Live Blackjack Common Draw Low

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Netent’s Live Blackjack Common Draw Low

Netent created its Live Blackjack Common Draw Low game for players who like to move at a fast pace. Each player can participate in the game simultaneously by participating in one hand of cards. These are the factors that allow the game to be played quickly.

Players will find that the Blackjack table is split in half. The upper part of the table is where the dealer and common draw cards are kept where everyone can see them. The bottom part of the table is designated for individual players. Six decks of cards are used in the game and are shuffled the same way they would be in any land based casino.

The structure of Blackjack Common Draw Low is easy for players to understand. Each hand begins with players making their bets; when all bets have been placed the game dealer will close the betting for that hand. Two player cards are then dealt along with the dealer’s single card. Following standard blackjack rules players must then determine how they wish to proceed. Cards are then continuously dealt until players have finished all of the hands. The dealer then finishes their hand and pays those who have won.

The Live Blackjack Common Draw Low’s biggest selling feature is its real time action that makes it possible for players to watch every move their dealer makes in the game, courtesy of live streaming video. The game’s built in live chat feature also makes it possible for players to talk amongst themselves as well as to talk to the live dealer.

As one of the leading companies in online casino software, NetEnt has created a Blackjack game that truly represents the experience of playing it in the real world. For many, the convenience of being able to play from home without having to sacrifice communicating with the dealer and other players is its biggest selling point. NetEnt is helping online casinos compete with land based casinos all over the world in ways other software companies haven’t been able to. The company constantly releases new high quality games.

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