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Evolution Live Blackjack VIP B


Blackjack or twenty-one is one of the most played games in the casino industry. This game is all about comparing cards between players and the house or dealer. In other words, the player plays against the dealer rather than against other players. There are different blackjack variants to meet the needs of blackjack fans. Today we’ll talk about Blackjack VIP B, which is one of the top live dealer games from Evolution Gaming.


The main goal of playing blackjack is to defeat the dealer with a higher card count without exceeding 21. A live dealer hosts the game allowing up to seven players at the table. The game involves 8 standard card decks with 52 cards and the dealer stands on 17. Betting values range from £10 to £2,500. If the total card value of the first 2 dealt cards is 21, you have Blackjack. When it comes to payouts, Blackjack pays 3:2 while the winning hand pays 1:1.


If the dealer has an Ace as the upcard, you can use the Insurance option to offset the possibility of the dealer having Blackjack. The insurance amount is a half of your original bet. If none of the 2 initial cards is Blackjack, you are allowed to improve your values. In this case, if your initial hand value is not 21, you can utilize the Double Down option.

You can also decide to Hit several times to get more cards and finally Stand if your hand value is satisfactory. Players can also take advantage of Side Bets which include 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. Perfect Pairs give you the opportunity to win if the first two cards form a pair while 21+3 allows you to win if the first two cards and the dealer’s upcard comprise of identical triplets, a numerical sequence, three of a kind, and non-sequential cards within a suit. Other features include the Split option and the Bet Behind feature.


Blackjack VIP B is an incredible blackjack variant for blackjack enthusiasts. You can also find Live Blackjack VIP C, D, E, G, H & I within the evolution lobby. A Live Dealer VIP game for all types of VIP players’.

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