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Live Roulette by Novomatic and based on the Extreme Live Gaming software Out Now on PC and Mobile Casino!


Live Roulette by Novomatic, based on the Extreme Live Gaming software will not leave you sweating like a Russian roulette game, yet it may just be what you need in your life. This is an online roulette game that is easy on the eyes, exciting to play, and competitive.

Ra Roulette – Live Casino by Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming is based in London and once Novomatic stepped in a few live game variants were created based on their most popular slot games. Book of Ra made it in to the live dealer scene and this variant follows the standard European Roulette rules.

Book of Ra

What sets this game apart is the side bet in the Book of Ra. This means that you are not just playing Roulette; you can also bet on the well-recognised symbols from the Book of Ra and win more from the slot game.

In Book of Ra, all the standard European Roulette features apply, but where this game is unique, is due to the 1-reel slot shown on the right-side of the screen.

With this you can bet on the symbols from the Book of Ra slot. If you like the slot game, Book of Ra, and enjoy playing Roulette, then this is a game for you. Ra Roulette is an exciting mix of the live dealer Roulette and a random lucky slot thrill.

It isn’t compulsory to play the slot element, so you can ignore this and play the standard Roulette. There is the special bet capacity and multi-cameras, so you don’t miss any of the action!

Lucky Lady’s Live Roulette

We know every player wants to play at a quality wheel and you have nothing to fear with this live dealer game. In this case Live Roulette is mixed with the popular slot game Lucky Lady’s Charm from Novomatic. Lucky Lady’s Charm slot game is a 5 reel and 10 payline slot, and the symbols are based on the lucky charms that can be found around the world.

Here the slot is a one reel slot and is part of the Live Roulette game, although it is not compulsory to bet on the slot element, you can just ignore it if you wish.

Extra Feature

Live Lucky Lady’s Roulette is European Roulette and contains only one zero. The extra feature in this game is that you can place a side bet on the Lucky Lady. You simply choose your lucky symbol from the list and you get an extra chance at winning based on your choice of lucky charm.

The best of this is that if you win, you can win a max of up to 80:1. Hot and Cold numbers, basically in-game stats are also a nice feature to work out what you want to play next. You don’t need to spend time going to Vegas because it doesn’t get any better than this!

Golden Ball Live Roulette

If you want the real casino experience and to have the thrill of spinning your own ball, the Golden Ball game feature is for you! In the Golden Ball game mode, once every 20 games, the highest total amount bet for 20 spins, in a row, will have the chance to ask the Live Dealer to spin the golden ball.

All you have to do is play and soon one player will receive the Golden Ball button, while the other players’ will continue playing with the same view.

Jackpot Prize

Golden Ball Roulette has a jackpot prize, which is shown in the game lobby and a countdown is displayed, so you can see how many days are left before the jackpot takes place.

Golden Roulette is an exciting game where you can interact with the live dealer, or hit the jackpot. The extra statistics for hot and cold numbers are also part of this variation too.

Sizzling Hot Live Roulette

Sizzling Hot is really simple, but extremely entertaining side bet for Roulette and is based on the Novomatic Multi Gaminator Slot. This means that in addition to the roulette layout, extra bet spots are added with the Sizzling Hot symbol and a slot reel animation located next to the Live Dealer, who picks one of these per round.

The potential of a massive win at increased house odds, coupled with the unique look and feel of this Live Roulette side bet, makes this a thrilling addition to an already hot live dealer offering.

Enjoy the thrill of a live casino – play any of these variations to test your luck now!

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