Mermaids Millions

Kingsman Casino

Mermaids Millions is a well-loved & Very Popular PC & Mobile Slot Game.


Life’s not always a beach, but maybe you can own one, because wins come in waves when you play Mermaids Millions. The deeper you get into the game, the deeper the oceans of cash that can wash over you!

Bubble up with your winnings, while playing with all manner of sea creatures; like crustaceans, and sea-horses. It a fun game plugging the player directly into Neptune’s Kingdom with its charming cartoon-like casino slot feel.

Mermaids Millions is simple, fun, and very lucrative. Play fifteen pay-lines or play one, it’s your choice, but each line is another hook and another chance to catch the big one. Bonus symbols splash back feature games, wild symbols complete winning combinations that bring back bonuses, snag players and carry them to special feature games.

Look out for the whirlpools, burping up scatters to get you 10 free spins, and triple your pay-out numbers for the rest of the bonus round. Trigger an extra bonus in the deepest round and you might even win another 10 spins in the whirlpool.

And what would a deep sea mermaid game be without treasure chests? Yes, Mermaids Millions has them! Treasure chests on any pay-line swims the player into a choice of submerged caskets, where more cash prizes are revealed.

When you come up for air, you may just want to sink back down into Mermaids Millions again, and drown in all the prizes you have just won, and may win again.

Mermaids Millions can be played for free no deposit required, by clicking on the demo button when you hover over the image of the game. It is also available on all mobile devices, so you can play your favourite mermaid slot, when on the go.

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