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Mike Tyson Roulette Review


Are you a roulette and boxing aficionado? If yes, Inspired Gaming’s Mike Tyson Roulette should be in your list of favorite casino games. This classic online casino game gives you a chance to work with one of the best heavyweight boxers in the world. It is based on the European Roulette, so the rules are the same. Payout rates range from 94.74% (base game) to 95.79% (bonus round).

Mike Tyson Roulette features amazing graphics and animations that run smoothly. Once you load the game, you’ll first see Mike Tyson punching across a roulette wheel and a darkish skyline. The betting area consists of several sections including the green 0, black and red boxes with numbers 1 to 36, 1st 12 numbers, evens, odds, 2nd 12 numbers, numbers 1 to 18, numbers 19 to 36, 3rd 12 numbers, and several buttons.


Your job is to guess the number the roulette ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning and place your bet on that number. Mike Tysons works as the croupier advising you to place bets and letting you know if there are no more bets. Bet sizes range from 10p to £100 and you can play the game on your desktop device, tablet, or smartphone.


The Knockout Bonus Feature and the Power Prize Multiplies are the most exciting features. If you place your bet on the Knockout Bonus section of the table and the ball lands on this section, a new screen with 20 multipliers will load. You are required to click the “Knockout” button to eliminate the various multiplier amounts without removing the Power Prize Multipliers. You can accept offers each time you click the button or continue playing.


Mike Tyson Roulette is a thrilling version of roulette for Mike Tyson and boxing fans. The bonus game is a great option that boosts your winning chances. So, let’s start punching!

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