Monster Madness Slot

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Monster Madness slot from Tom Horn


Monster madness slot is a slot machine from Tom Horn that is widely considered one of the most futuristic slot machines in many online casinos. The game itself can be played in 16 x 9 resolution with eight different when lines and a max payout of 500 coins.

The theme of this game is to match up drones, holograms and a variety of other futuristic technology. The best part about most of the technology and the slot game is that it transforms and the way that it turns into something new can change the way that you can generate new wins within the game.


There are targets available in this game that can help you triple your wins, give you a brand-new free spins or even access new multipliers within the game. By combining together some of the drones and fun technology, you can start to see some massive winnings pouring in with your game.

Special Features

The Monster madness slot comes with some incredible features like multipliers in the bonus, a splash of free spins and super wilds. Make sure to watch out for some of the monsters, aliens and drones to create some amazing scatter bonuses as well as upping your winnings.

The autoplay feature is available here and the quick menu, make sure that you can easily play this on any device and with minimal button mashing.

For combining together several different types of multipliers and hitting the wilds, this is a game that will definitely keep you guessing. The slot game can have some highly futuristic music and symbols and it stands as a wonderful option that you can play from Tom Horn.

Special Features

If you are a fan of sci fi, this is something you cannot afford to miss!

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