Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold

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Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold

In Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold, by Microgaming, you have five hands in which to beat the dealer and walk away a winner. You will find that five decks of cards are used in this casino game, one for each hand. The standard Blackjack rule applies, that states no peeking is allowed and that the dealer stands whenever 17s are involved.

You only have the option of doubling down in this game when the total of the two original cards equals nine, 10 or 11. They have one shot to split a hand, but only one. However, aces can be split and you can ask for more than a single card. Once aces have been split no Blackjack can occur because the splitting of the aces equals 21. In the event the aces card that the game dealer holds is an upcard blackjack insurance applies.

This is where this version of Blackjack varies compared to other versions in which players splitting an ace will only be dealt one more card during the hand. The table limits imposed on players in Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold start at one credit and max out at 200 credits.

As this version of Blackjack is a traditional one, you will find that there are never any bonuses or jackpots tied to the game. However, this does not stop you from enjoying the table game and even without bonuses it is among Microgaming’s best online casino games.

Due to the gold aspect of the casino game, it runs quickly on most Internet browsers, providing quick table game play to keep it interesting for even the most advanced player. The animation used in the casino game moves at a good speed and makes the table game feel more realistic, adding to the your experience. If you want an even more enhanced experience, you can choose to access the table game in expert mode. This includes an auto player feature and also gives the option of using a strategy table that can easily be customized.

You will find that Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold is a great way to enjoy a classic table game at home in a great online casino.

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