Nerves of Steal Game

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Nerves of Steal Game – an Instant Game – Why Instant? Cause the prize you win is instant!

Is this an Instant Game where you need to grow a pair and hang onto them? I think not, but Nerves of Steal Instant is a great game nonetheless. Let’s break it down for you.

On game load, it is an attractive game of pick-a-box and the music is tap-along. You need to find 10 casino chips amongst a grid of 50 boxes. The more correct picks, the amount you can win goes up. Lose and you take what you have won and you have 4 ‘lives’ in total, before the round moves on and you must bet again to play again.

Since this is mobile responsive, you can play this instant game on all mobile devices and of course it works as well on your PC / laptop.

Game play

Change your bet amount to anywhere between 1 or 10 coins and play on. This isn’t an autoplay game, as you need to pick the boxes.
With bet chosen, you then need to choose a box and see if there is a casino chip within it. You get 4 ‘lives’ to see if you can choose the a box with a chip inside. The Nerves of Steal instant’s pay table will give you an idea of how the win amount is determined.

Bonus Features

There isn’t a whole lot more to Nerves of Steal Instant game, except clicking to open boxes, however, you need to decide on whether you continue to play, take what you win, or where you will try next. It’s a simple, but effective game, for those that like simple, but instant wins, with no messing around with big, fancy bonus features.

What Nerves of Steal Instant does have, is the possibility to win a 100,000x Jackpot. This adds a whole new edge to the instant win side of this game.

Summary of Nerves of Steal Instant Game

It is a game to be played anywhere you feel like, but with a cool and collected head, and no funny business to distract you. This is a graphically pleasing game, that has a lot to offer the discerning gambler, with a Jackpot that is worth putting some thought into a strategy and to see if with a little bit of luck you could come out more than on top!

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