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NetEnt’s Live Dealer Roulette Review


Most NetEnt casinos offer different versions of roulette including Live Dealer Roulette. Live Dealer Roulette is similar to the roulette you’ll find in brick-and-mortar casinos, but it’s played online with the help of a real live dealer.

NetEnt’s Live Dealer Roulette is a European-style roulette with 36 numbers (1 to 36), a single zero pocket, and a payout rate of 97.30%. The actual roulette wheel, background studio and dealer are streamed in a high-quality live video, so you can play this game while relaxing at home. You can also compete against other players.


Live Dealer Roulette plays seamlessly on different devices and operating systems. It can run on various Android and iOS devices including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Bet sizes range from £1.00 to £75,000 depending on the casino. Like a real-life roulette game, the player places his/her chip(s) on various numbers or combinations. The Live Dealer spins the wheel.


NetEnt’s Live Dealer Roulette comes with a number of features. The most visible features include a Race Track, a dynamic billboard, the Hot/Cold number indicator, a mini lobby, and live chat. The Race Track is a convenient feature that allows players to make call bets fast. It’s represented by a small icon that you can click to enlarge. The mini lobby feature allows you to load another live game that is powered by NetEnt.

Since Live Dealer Roulette is a community-based game, the live chat feature facilitates interactions with fellow players and live dealers. The game’s dynamic billboard displays important statistics to help you select the next number(s) while the Hot/Cold number indicator displays numbers that come up more or less often than the others. Players can also switch between cameras and activate the full-screen feature.

Game Summary

In sum, NetEnt’s Live Dealer Roulette is an incredible game that allows roulette fans to play roulette online and have the same experience as someone who plays the game at a land-based casino. We think this game is worth trying because of its high payout rate and impressive features.

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