Nyx Live Dealer Blackjack

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NYX Live Dealer Blackjack


NYX Live Dealer Blackjack is a high quality game that makes players feel like they are sitting in a land based casino. The graphics are so realistic looking that players may not believe they can’t reach out and touch the live dealer. It has made its debut Kingsmancasino and continues to be the live dealer game of choice among online Blackjack players.

Within Live Dealer Blackjack players can choose a low, mid or high limit table. The low limit table has a bet range of $5 to $2500 while the mid limit table has a bet range of $10 to $2500. The high limit table has a bet range of $25 to $5000.

In this version of the popular table casino game, seven players can participate at once and a total of eight decks of cards are used. However they must think quickly as they only have 11 seconds to decide on their hand. Aside from standard bets players can choose from three different side bets; 21+3, Perfect Pairs and Bet Behind.

While there are many versions of Live Dealer Blackjack online, none are as visually impressive, or popular among gamers as NYX’s Live Dealer Blackjack game is. NYX has a reputation for providing the highest quality games to gamers all over the world. It prides itself on giving players the most realistic online gaming experience possible, by using the latest technology, to ensure that Live Dealer Blackjack is a fair playing field for everyone.

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