Pharoah Bingo

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Pharaoh Bingo by Microgaming a classic online bingo game!


Microgaming has based their Pharoah Bingo on the Pharoah’s and the Ancient Egyptian theme. Pharoah Bingo has a great outlook with the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Statue situated right in the middle, just as we see in the movies. It is surrounded by a huge bulk of numbered balls alongside the numbered grid cards; with checked and unchecked square boxes on them. The soundtrack is pretty awesome, as it is Middle Eastern music that works well with the theme of Pharoah Bingo. It is available for both iOS and Android users making it possible for commuters to play and enjoy Pharoah Bingo, just as the desktop users can.


Well, now the Pharoah Bingo gameplay! First of all the player needs to set the stakes to whatever they would prefer. After setting the bet, the player needs to adjust the number of cards. 4 random cards are generated whenever the cards are changed. After the beginning of play, you can accept or reject an additional ball at an extra cost.

Practically always start the game by setting up the cards first. Use the Stake and Cards button for betting and changing the number of cards for a single hit. If you do not like the numbers you see on your cards, hit “Change Cards” until you are satisfied. Push “Play” to begin.

After you begin playing, Pharoah Bingo draws 30 balls, which are numbered from 1 to 60. All of this happens randomly. A matching number from the cards and the balls is marked with an X and after this all the numbers that are matched turn red. The number needed to complete the winning combo turns yellow. After the draw is complete, you will have the option to pay for another ball to try and complete any of these near-hit combinations, with up to 10 additional balls. Each additional ball has a different price, which depends upon the near hits. The top prize of 10,000x your bet is only available on a complete card blackout on the first 30 balls.


Pharaoh Bingo by Microgaming is just as entertaining as the real deal and it really pays off to get BINGO! Why not give it a try?

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