Pigs Feast Slot

Kingsman Casino

Pigs Feast Slot from Eyecon


The pigs feast slot from eyecon is a machine that features a pig that has grown to be larger-than-life. He’ll most resemble a man and he is a true symbol of good fortune. In again you’ll be matching together a variety of food items to feed the pig and help him access even more good fortune.


The board in this slot machine combined together a wide range of food items, luck symbols and beautiful fireworks. You can follow the pig in his efforts to have a massive party across this five reel and three row slot machine. There’s 25 lines available on this slot and it is backed up with many chances for free spins and some amazing bonus features.

Pigs are often a symbol of wealth and locked in Chinese culture and the slurping, belching and music here will have you feeling as though you are facing nothing but luck with your pig. In playing Pigs feast, you can enjoy the game on a mobile device, embedded into the web browser or as a standalone experience in many online casinos.


It is an action adventure slot that comes in many different stake formats. Depending on the casino that hosts this experience, you can make sure that the game can remain quite exciting. If you see the rocket symbol in the game this can mean that you are about to see something even more incredible. Rocket symbols and fireworks display free games!

You should also stick closely to see if rice bowls are available. This can trigger new fireworks and reveal the chance for a random multiplier. The price big feature is also something that will appear when the lady pig icon comes up with a platter of dumplings. This can help you pick your own random prize!


If you are looking for a fun slot machine that is filled with symbols of luck and prosperity, you can be a winner with Pigs feast.

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