Pixie Gold

Kingsman Casino

Enter the Enchanted Forest of Pixie Gold online slot, by the hugely popular Lightning Box Games!


Are you getting a little bored of all the mainstream slot games? Do you want to play a more interactive and innovative slot game? Go ahead and check out the Pixie Gold online slot! Enter into a totally different world, a place of money magic!

With a bonus feature called the Reelfecta Reel, the Pixie Gold online slot offers you a new and creative slot game. The Reelfecta is the 16 squares in the middle of your slot and it acts as your 3rd reel. Thanks to Reelfecta Reel, Pixie Gold has 1296 ways to win in a slot game with 5 reels and 3 rows. With this many ways to win, Pixie gold offers you tons of fast-paced action-packed spins with rewards on almost every spin.

You thought that was all? If a slot game could be a sandwich, Reelfecta is the peanut butter and our next feature, the Pixie Spin, would be the Jelly! Pixie Spin is one of the most interactive features in a slot game. Underneath your reels, you have a carriage moving along every spin. If this magical carriage lines up underneath the Golden star icon with a “K” on it, you will trigger the Pixie Spin feature. Pixie Spin gives you 1 free spin, but at the same time it will give you Pixie Wild on reels two and three. This mostly guarantees you a great reward. Finally, this isn’t that hard a feature to achieve, so it’s pretty rewarding over time.

Finally the high return rate opens you up to taking more risks! You can choose to gamble your winnings with the Gamble feature and you can increase your winnings up to quadruple its current value! If you win a gamble, you can gamble your winnings again up to 5 successive times. Make sure not to count cards because the pixie magic will always figure it out! Just trust your instincts and pick a card! There are no stacked decks in the pixie world, and if you wish hard enough, I’m fairly sure the pixie will let you know which card to pick anyway!

With all these creative features and rewards, Pixie Gold offers you a fairy tale in a game! It comes complete with a real happy ending. Don’t forget to appreciate the view and the sounds in the Pixie world, so go on and join the amazing world of Pixie Gold now!

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