Pizza Prize

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Spin for a tasty win on Pizza Prize slot!


Feeling like a night in with a pizza and some quality slot entertainment, then why not combine the two and get stuck into a slot game that will give you a reason to dial out. Play Pizza Prize slot at Tony’s Pizza Parlor; where you get served pizza, but with all the tasty winnings.

In Tony’s pizza parlor you order your pizza by clicking the spin button! When you click the spin button, you might get a salami pizza, cheese pizza, extra tomato sauce, or anything the pizza parlor has for you; but with one condition, you never get to pick what you’re going to get! It’s all about luck. Hey, sometimes Tony himself will come and greet you and when he does, he’ll be sure to bring you some extra juicy toppings, it’s just that these can be cashed out. Just keep spinning and wait for his extra pizza prize surprises!

No matter how good a restaurant is, nowhere is perfect. “Tony’s Pizza Parlor” knows about this, so they give you rewards in order to apologize for any short-falls. Tony guarantees you that, if a waiter serves you 3 scattered pizzas, Tony will give you 15 free spins! On top of this he will take you to see his restaurant’s ovens and believe me, those ovens are amazing! During those 15 spins the rewards you get are doubled! And if you get a scattered pizza in 15 spins, you will not be unhappy about it, because each oven that gives you a scattered pizza, also gives you a special reward in those 15 spins!

  1. Oven one, will let you see Tony again and with Tony you will get a prize.
  2. Oven two, will give you a random prize amount, but it will be multiplied up to 5 times!
  3. Oven three will reward you with more Tonys’.
  4. Oven four, on the other hand, will bring you a multiplier up to x8 more!
  5. Finally, Oven five will give you up to 4 extra chances to spin! In Tony’s Pizza Parlor the only thing those scattered pizzas can do is bring you happiness! Just like real pizza!

That’s not all though; Tony himself is a bit of a gambler, therefore, any time you win a prize from your spins, he offers you the chance to gamble those rewards. He gives you two options:

  • At the beginning he gives you a closed card, and tells you that your first option is double or nothing! Which means, if you guess the correct color of the card, you will get double the reward; but if you don’t, oh well, better luck next time.
  • If you want to quadruple, you will have to guess the correct suit of the deck! Yeah it sounds tough, but with enough of those magic pizzas, I know you can do it.

Now it’s your turn to dial in the pizza-to-go; make your way to some quality slot entertainment at Tony’s Pizza Parlor, and go get some of your own Pizza Prize!

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